I Can’t, I Won’t…

“In the censures of the church, it is more suitable to the spirit of Christ to incline to the  milder part, and not to kill a fly on the forehead with a mallet, nor shut men out of heaven for a trifle.” Richard Sibbes – A Bruised Reed

I’ve been asked on more than one occasion when I’ll stop writing or posting about Grace Fellowship Church and the pastor, Mike Reid. It’s a good question, I suppose, and the stated reason for the concern is that I won’t become, or I’ll stop being bitter. First, for the record, I’m not bitter, nor will I become bitter. I am free and, as a family, have experienced the incredible joy of living for Christ outside of the bounds of strict authoritarianism, legalism, and even cultish if, not cult behaviors.

All in the name of an orthodox, Reformed, “1689” London Baptist Confessional, church. I put quotes around 1689 because they only use it as window dressing to pick and choose what they like and reject much of the confession.

This morning, I  remembered these matters, and let me summarize my answer to the well-intended individuals who ask me. I ask them questions in return.

When do you stop caring about the truth?

When did the Bible change its position on exposing false teachers and false doctrine?

When should we stop speaking up for the children that will have to grow up in this authoritarian environment?

I’m sure I could go on, but you get my point.

Dr. Michael Kruger has written a blog series on the abusive church, and a friend did a summary of Dr. Kruger’s blogs, posted HERE, and it makes a lot of sense to post it here rather than recap it myself, well, for one I couldn’t do it this well. Secondly, I think I’ve hit on a lot of these points in previous articles.

The leadership of Grace Fellowship are disqualified from Christian Ministry. I want to declare here what I’ve said to them privately. I have much more to say, but for now, I will leave this here. I encourage anyone that knows these men to call them to repentance. The trail of wounded and abused is well-known and well-documented. Enough is enough. 


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