Hope To See You Soon JD…


Say hello to my friend, we will call him JD as not to embarrass him. Ok, I hope he doesn’t mind if I call him Josh.

Josh and I had worked in the same industry for over 15 years and worked for the End Result Company since April 1, 2006, when I was hired.

A couple of weeks later, after barely knowing one another, we hit the road for the Boston Marathon. Something about 40 hours in a cargo van either causes you to hate one another or love one another. I guess the latter applies.

Josh has been my coworker, friend and then in 2009 business partner. We’ve traversed many miles in a van, car, and airplane, worked the most prestigious triathlons and road races this country has to offer, and through it, all remained good friends.

Today, was a special day as we worked to provide race results for over 40,000 runners at our 12th year at the Bolder Boulder 10K. We’ve worked hard here, lost a lot of sleep here, have definitely laughed here, probably cried here, and through it, all have been faithful to our job to provide an experience for the runner and the race.

Well, I guess things change sometimes, and it was just time to do something a little different. In the world we live, our work world, Josh has celebrity status. Yeah, I know he will hate me saying that but it’s true. Josh is the smartest guy I personally know, and probably the smartest guy anyone knows. He was writing software 15 years ago that changed the way results were delivered to participants.

The industry will miss you, JD, but more importantly, I will miss you. My only advice is to get some time in the desert, kick rocks, find some arrowheads, and don’t answer the phone when I call. Ok, you never did answer the phone when I call anyhow, so nothing new there…

Above all, love your family, spend a lot of time with them and appreciate the blessings of the last 15 years and what the Lord has in store for the next.

I love you, my friend.

Proverbs 18:24
A man of many companions may come to ruin,
but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.


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