Have you ever looked at a sunset and said, meh… it’s okay… You look, you turn away and then you don’t ever think about it again?

I’ve done that, and I would imagine you have as well. Of course, not all sunsets are created equal and not all of them hit us in the same way.

For example, we can’t always see them clearly or we aren’t always in an environment to see the horizon. You don’t always have a massive sky such as when viewing it from a mountain or looking across the water.

Scripture is like this sometimes. We read the words and move on. Familiarity breeds contempt or so they say.

But sometimes, it pops… it sets us on our heels and blows our minds.

1 Timothy 4:15
Practice these things, immerse yourself in them, so that all may see your progress.

The interesting thing here is the word practice means to meditate.

“That sunset is amazing…” Let’s sit here for a while and just watch it, think and be amazed at God’s creation.

Yes, do that.

But meditate more deeply and more consistently on the words of life. Never grow bored with the Bible. It beheld in the glory of Christ is far more brilliant than the most amazing sunset you’ll ever see, for the purpose of making your progress evident.

There are many an uncoverted Bible scholar walking around.  Don’t grow for growth’s sake.  Meditate that they know you’ve been with the Lord.


2 thoughts on “Meditate

  1. We all do that these days. In this age of speed and distraction, we can barely stop for ten seconds before we are off doing something else. I am ashamed over how my concentration skills have atrophied over the years. To slow down and watch God’s beauty in action is like slamming your car in park at high speed. It’s a must though and we as Christians really need to get back to the good ol’ meditation our fathers in the faith used to do.

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